Jim Sloan on the Road


  The Trek Begins

March 2006

Started March 17, 2006 Alvin, TX

25,602 trailer miles later

January 14, 2014 San Bernardino, CA

The New Trailer

July 17, 2014


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First the Links:  My brothers web page   ,   my sons page  ,   My Ramblings (Updated 8/10/06)

Patriot Guard  (Updated 9/7/2014)

Trek 2014 (Updated 5/1/2014)

Run For The Wall 2014 (Updated 5/20/2014)

Trek 2013 (Updated 5/1/2014)

Run For The Wall 2013(Updated 6/16/2013

Trek 2012  (Updated 12/25/2012)

Run For The Wall 2012 (Updated 6/3/2012

Trek 2011 (Updated 12/25/2011)

Run For The Wall XXIII  (Updated 6/19/2011)

Trek 2010 (Updated 1/2/2011)

Run For The Wall XXII  (Updated 6/9/10)

Trek 2009  (Updated 12/25/2009)

        Run For The Wall XXI  (Updated 10/9/09)

Trek 2008 (Updated 12/28/2008)

The Wedding (Updated 5/12/2008)

Run For The Wall XX (Updated 5/30/2008)

Trek 2007  (Updated 1/7/2008)

    Boston to Arcata (Updated 11/27/2006) Bob and Bev join me for the trek west.

    Fish Creek Landing, NY (Updated 10/13/2006)

    New Grand-daughter (updated 7/19/2006)

    At Boston (updated 10/13/2006)

    DC to Boston (June 2006)

    I join "Run For The Wall" near Dallas and go with them to DC for Memorial Day 2006.

        My RFTW page.

    The first step is getting to Texas, finding a truck and getting an RV. (March 2006)

    Life in the Parks, Livingston and Weatherford Texas. (April and May 2006)

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