Jim Sloan on the Road


  The Trek Begins

March 2006

Started March 17, 2006 Alvin, TX

25,602 trailer miles later

January 14, 2014 San Bernardino, CA

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First the Links:  My brothers web page   ,   my sons page  ,   My Ramblings (Updated 8/10/06)

Patriot Guard  (Updated 7/26/2014)

Trek 2014 (Updated 5/1/2014)

Run For The Wall 2014 (Updated 5/20/2014)

Trek 2013 (Updated 5/1/2014)

Run For The Wall 2013(Updated 6/16/2013

Trek 2012  (Updated 12/25/2012)

Run For The Wall 2012 (Updated 6/3/2012

Trek 2011 (Updated 12/25/2011)

Run For The Wall XXIII  (Updated 6/19/2011)

Trek 2010 (Updated 1/2/2011)

Run For The Wall XXII  (Updated 6/9/10)

Trek 2009  (Updated 12/25/2009)

        Run For The Wall XXI  (Updated 10/9/09)

Trek 2008 (Updated 12/28/2008)

The Wedding (Updated 5/12/2008)

Run For The Wall XX (Updated 5/30/2008)

Trek 2007  (Updated 1/7/2008)

    Boston to Arcata (Updated 11/27/2006) Bob and Bev join me for the trek west.

    Fish Creek Landing, NY (Updated 10/13/2006)

    New Grand-daughter (updated 7/19/2006)

    At Boston (updated 10/13/2006)

    DC to Boston (June 2006)

    I join "Run For The Wall" near Dallas and go with them to DC for Memorial Day 2006.

        My RFTW page.

    The first step is getting to Texas, finding a truck and getting an RV. (March 2006)

    Life in the Parks, Livingston and Weatherford Texas. (April and May 2006)

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